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1B  2A  2B-1A  3A 
Bachelor #1 or Bachelor #2 or Bachelor #3
Boxers or Briefs…I don't remember
Did you notice...No more sweat stains!!!
Sorry, just some routine maintenance
3B  4A  4B  5A  5B 
Do you feel a draft? 
Sponge Bob would be proud 
You should see my short game 
Ya, it’s a down wind coming from my back side.  
I just want another beer! 
5B  6A  6B  7A  7B  8A 
John Daly, Move Over!! 
Why are you looking up??..The ball is next to Lynn's left foot! 
Sorry Bob, Even Lessons won't help 
OK, Its just a game, head down, square to the ball….There's just too much crap to remember 
Your going to give me how much???? 
This is a Charity…Were not charging for this photo shoot honey
8B  9Z  9B  10A  10B  11A 
Married for 24 fricken years!!!
This guy has a great future
Hey Johnny, that was your mulligan
Nope, No frontal shots and the hat stays on..trust me on this one
C'mon John get up, I didn't hit you that hard!
A swing and a miss…I meant to do that!
8B  9Z  9B  10A  10B  11A 
 Promise me, this time your not going in the bleeping water
Ya want your ass scratched.. Sometimes ya just gotta do it yourself. 
 I happen to be very comfortable, but can ya grab my arms from the sand trap.
I have no idea where that went! 
 Sorry Bob, Miller outdrove you again.
 No..I have never worked for Dairy Queen
11B  12A  12B 13A  13B  13B 
This is after only 7 Tanning sessions!!!
Hey, were going to Rama after this boys.
 See Angelo, Ya just have to want it!!
think I've lost 39 balls so far…were on the back nine right??? 
Hienzy, Millsie's not here, pull your pants up buddy.
Ya wanna piece of me..
13B 13B  13B  13B  13B  13B   
I didn't think so!
I can't find my foresome
Were not using my drive fella's
You have got to be kidding me…
Yours would look this way if you had 12 coronas..Millsy
When I play by myself…Its just magic.
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B13B
Hey Dude..I got another ball here if ya don't like my shot.
Anything is better than selling brick.
I happen to be proud of my personal accomplishments.
I can't even see the green let alone my damn ball.
Did you guys see that drive.. Over the green about 360 yards. Wow 
 We might have to use Phil's drive!
 13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
Ah, Can someone call a medic
I'm gonna use one of Dusty Miller's balls in case I go in the water
I workout every day with my personal trainer
Sir this is a tee box not a chipping contest.
I thought you can only use my drive 4 times.
13B 13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
No Bowflex…Just Naturally Chiselled! 
Sorry Fella's It's all under control (you know what I am talking about)
Hey Denny, I don't think he used his baby powder today!
David, Call Fernando..My Hair..Look at it…He has to do something!!!
 One Kiss, Nobody is around!!
My putting is better 
  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
You want me to put this ball there???
When I give you the thumbs up .. Down your beer. 
Man I sure caught all of that… at least a 97 yard drive!!
Ya I just got my hair done!
 The fairway is 60" in the other direction!!
Never seen a swing so pretty...baaaaahhh
  13B 13B 13B 13B 13B 13B
Strike Three!!! 
No Jay, this is not Aussie Rules Football. 
 I know, Ryan just shot!!
 It that a counter weight???
I think you just took out 12 MR16S Joe!! 
Honest Lord..I didn't use your name in vein, I just can't hit the God Damn Ball
  13B 13B 13B  13B  13B  13B 
 Hurry up and shoot, it's not what I expected down here!!
 Drew?? What about Me!!!
 Yes .. We are just friends…. With benefits!!
 What constitutes out of bounds????
 I just want to be friends!!!
 I'm 6 off the tee… not bad eh!!
13B 13B 13B 
Backstreet Boys are getting back together. 
Your going for a ride!! 
Andy, the ball is 2 ft from your right foot. 
13B 13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
How'd you like me now! 
Another routine shot 
Yes, I really have to go
Can you guys pick it up.. I have a ballroom dance class at 6!! 
Please God, Just once…Let me hit this bleeping ball!! 
 Do you know how many of these I've wrapped around a tree?
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
Can I play? 
My golf course… My Rules!! 
This is best ball right???? 
 Another missed putt.
 Wanna go double or nothing big man!!
I can't believe you out drove me!!!! 
13B  13B  13B 13B  13B  13B 
There is no way you will exceed that enormous daly like drive Larry. 
Hey Larry.. How about 100 bucks for L.D. 
 This chewing tobacco sucks!
 I want a mulligan!!!
I want a mulligan!!! 
 That's my best shot ever!!!
13B  13B 13B  13B  13B 
Ya.. I've been working out!! 
 Gerry is not better looking than me.
 Nice shot Daly!
Mine were $15.95 for a 6 pack 
 $12.00 at Zellers
13B 13B 13B 13B  13B  13B
Practice swing #48 
 Can you believe it only cost 6 grand and there was minimal pain.. I look great now!!
Ya, I know .. It's swollen a bit. 
Launched that sucker!! 
Can you believe this is not my good side? 
He's taken 12 swings and hasn't even tee'd up the ball!!! 
 13B  13B 13B 13B13B 13B
 Watch This!!
 I hit the odd good shot!!
You know I'm carrying you guys!! 
Is that Out of Bounds??? 
OK…. Not this one. 
Yes, my drive again gentlemen. 
 13B  13B 13B 13B 13B 13B
I don't usually pose for free!!
Slip me 100 bucks and were even
Yes Officer.. I have my license and ownership here somewhere
I'm not playing anymore!
Not you Andy!
Its time for your exam Gerry
13B  13B  13B 13B  13B 
We never use his drive! 
Yes Earl, O.B 
 I should stop drinking!!
I haven't had a drink yet 
 These guys just came back from a Chippandales shoot.
13B 13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
 Gerry .. You need some makeup!!
OK. Double or Nothin! 
See…. I told Ya. 
I'm just never going to beat Millsie!! 
 No.. They are not sweat stains!!
 Which one wants to be the Poster Boy???
13B 13B 13B 
What the frick is that smell???? 
Put your tongue in his ear and I will drop my drawers. 
Who's hand is that??? 
  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
 Net results of the Bowflex Machine!
Gerry…She likes me! 
It's not my best side 
 I don't do autographs on tour!
Now that’s an Oreo! 
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
I can't believe their not using my drive. 
Read em and weep boys 
I got a cramp..Damn it! 
Yes Cuts its in the drink. 
You wanna see my What!!! 
No I'm not that guy on the Jackass movies! 
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
I only sign autographs after the match! 
That my friends will make the highlight reel 
Sorry Joe, longest drive is not on a Par 3! 
God Dammit, I love this game….Thank You Lord!!! 
Nice shot Joe! 
Hole in one…with a smoke in my hand! 
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
Ya, 4 Birdies in a row
Somebody tell this guy the green's the other way! 
I like to stretch first.
Your going for a ride Mr Ball!!!
Do I look like I'm having Fun?????
How old do ya have to be to play in the seniors tourney?
13B  13B  13B 13B 
My dear Sister still doesn't know the words to O Canada 
O Canada We Stand on Guard for ……. 
Your prize is the Balls Dude!!! Not Her. 
Next time you look at my wife like that, I'll break your hand!!! 
13B  13B  13B  13B
Nice Balls Mark! 
 We use to be lingerie models
 I want my microphone back!!
 Yes dear, but not here!
13B 13B  13B 
...and the crowd goes wild!!!! 
 God Damn Rookies!
 Gerry why are your friends looking at my wife's …………...!
13B 13B 13B 
Yes, He is your Father Cassie! 
 Damn! Where are my glasses!
 C'mon, Just one kiss.
13B  13B  13B  13B  13B  13B 
 I can't believe I didn't win longest drive.
Pay attention Gerry, I'm a public speaker you know. 
That's not me pinching your butt Gerry! 
Do I have to drink this now? 
Who's that taking a picture with my camera? 
Where did my beer go?